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The gay community in Australia has suffered a great deal throughout our history which has resulted in disproportionate incidents of suicide, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, assault, unemployment, loneliness and murder.

Until 1994 and the Keating Government it was illegal to engage in homosexual acts and until 2017 and the Turnbull Government it was not possible for a gay couple in Australia to marry.

For decades gay people hid their true feelings, were not able to openly express their love and were often the victims of electroshock therapy or forced to engage in "sham" relationships which made them "acceptable" to a homophobic public.

2020 is the year to establish GAYCARE as it marks the year the murder of Scott Johnson in Manly was finally solved after 32 years.

Mr Johnson was murdered in December 1988 and through the determination of his brother, Steve Johnson who offered a reward of $1 Million for information concerning his brother's murder, this case was properly dealt with.

Coroner Michael Barnes and NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller made sure this crime was revealed for what it was.

Coroner Barnes is a great Australian whose efforts to attain justice for Scott Johnson will never be forgotten by the gay community and hopefully the whole Australian society as well.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller is in the opinion of this organisation, the greatest Police Commissioner in the history of New South Wales. For the first time, we can honestly say we now have a Commissioner who seeks justice for the whole community and not just part of it. Commissioner Fuller is honourable, brave, possessing great integrity and determination and we will forever be grateful to him for his efforts in securing justice for Scott and respect for the NSW Police Force.

We now believe gay Australia can finally look to a future within this nation with great optimism.

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