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Our organisation is happy to receive gifts that could benefit any members of our community and these could include unwanted household goods and items such as furniture, white-goods, cars, boats, bedding, clothes, cutlery, gardening and construction equipment, antiques, pictures, musical instruments etc.

As we have an ongoing need for the establishment of "safe houses", any buildings that could be used for this purpose would also be of assistance to Gaycare.

Young Blonde Man

Gaycare is not a charity it is a business and does not seek tax free status. We are totally independent, we pay tax and do not seek Government tax free status.

Being an independent organisation is very important to us as we do not wish to be compromised in any way in achieving our goals.

Charities in Australia frequently divert up to 85% of their donations away from those they state they are established to help and/or benefit.

We do not do this, all our funds go to assisting members of the Australian gay community who find themselves in need.

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