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Ross Warren


Raymond Keam

It took 32 years and 2 million dollars reward for Steve Johnson and the New South Wales Police Force to establish his brother Scott  (pictured)  was murdered in Manly for being a homosexual.


John Russell

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Gilles Mattaini


(I) To promote equality and opportunity for members of the Australian gay community

(II) To help provide jobs, accommodation, crisis counselling, emergency assistance and a 24 hour help line

(III) To provide legal assistance in cases where members of the gay community have been discriminated against, assaulted, abused and/or demeaned

(IV) To reduce the incidence of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, suicide and depression suffered by gay members of our community

(V) To establish "safe houses" in times of extreme need

(VI) To encourage the pursuit of educational and apprenticeship courses to increase employment opportunities

(VII) To encourage active participation in sport and physical fitness on a regular basis

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